THC Percentage Guide

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the psychoactive component of cannabis, an integral cannabinoid contributing to much of what medicinal patients come to count on.

Medicinal cannabis’s therapeutic effects are robustly–and undoubtedly–supported by THC. 

However, THC potency and its ability to provide therapy or suitable treatments isn’t cut and try. A middle ground is required to achieve the desired wellness and health-boosting results.

Kelly’s Green is committed to helping medicinal cannabis patients achieve optimal well-being. A massive element of that commitment is our transparency about the quality and display of our THC percentages.

The Fundamentals Of THC

As discussed in the intro, THC is the psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. It’s a primary reason patients feel “high” but also a pivotal contributor to symptom relief. 

For instance, THC is vital for chemotherapy patients, helping them stave off nausea symptoms and vomiting while stimulating their appetite [1].

Medical cannabis products with THC have been recently made legal in Mississippi after Senate Bill 2095 was passed and made law in February 2022, making us the 37th state where medicinal cannabis is legal.

It’s worth noting that recreational cannabis remains illegal in the state, and you must possess a legal prescription to purchase anything containing THC [2].

How Do You Interpret THC Percentages?

The biggest isn’t always the best when it comes to THC percentages, especially as it pertains to medical or therapeutic usage.

When purchasing cannabis products, the THC % will be on the label. With most flower, you’re typically only reaching up to 30% (which we should note is highly potent for flower). 

The numbers get more inflated, from anywhere between 40% and 90% (sometimes more) once concentrates and extracts enter the discussion. 

Specific conditions, like severe chemotherapy-induced symptoms, can benefit supremely from high THC amounts. The same could be said for various ailments involving lots of pain. 

For instance, Rick Simpson Oil is uniquely crafted with high THC content for symptom relief, including for cancer, arthritis, asthma, etc. [3]

More THC Isn’t Always The Answer

Not all cannabis-prescribed patients stand to benefit from such high levels of THC. In fact, it can do more harm than good when overdone or misused. 

Some conditions stand to benefit from THC amounts well below 10%, especially for patients discovering their ideal dosage and not used to cannabis. 

Something else patients must weigh is the entourage effect. 

THC doesn’t necessarily make or break the overall quality of the cannabis or the experience/symptom relief it yields. The “entourage” or other components also have their say. 

For example, terpenes are present in cannabis, providing aromas and flavors but also interacting with the cannabinoids and heightening or balancing their effects. Terpenes also contribute to the medicinal effects of cannabis, impacting how your body responds to the THC. 

Two strains can contain the same THC levels, but that doesn’t mean they’ll make you feel the same way–primarily because of the entourage effect.

Medical Conditions And THC Levels

We’ve addressed the need to tailor THC levels to your specific medical condition. Here, we’ll focus on more specific THC levels for various conditions:

  • Experts suggest arthritis patients prioritize higher CBD amounts and concentrate less on THC (1.5mg/ml or less) [4].
  • Taking low doses of high THC  (25% to 28%) cannabis is suggested for stress and anxiety [5].
  • High THC amounts (also 25% to 28%) in controlled dosages are recommended to treat insomnia [6]. 
  • Some sources suggest that THC levels be up to 50% for cancer treatments [7].

We’ll add how a recent article from Forbes Health speaks to the abundant health benefits of cannabis containing a mixture of THC and CBD instead of CBD alone [8].

Product Varieties And THC Levels At Kelly’s Green

The first product we’ll highlight is our Delta Bud Daytime Edible Capsule 4:1 CBD:THC. Each capsule is low in dosage amount–between 5-10mg of THC–allowing you to modulate based on your needs.

Our Burnt Orange strain has 24.5% THC. It’s one of our more potent strains, usually prescribed for stress, insomnia, aches, pains, appetite loss, depression, etc.

You’ll experience THC in different ways based on the method. Concentrates come on strong, immediately so. Edibles have a slower onset, but the effects are intense and longer lasting once they start. Smoking flower is something between the two–less severe, but the effects are immediate.

Dosage And Consumption Tips

New cannabis patients have one guiding principle they must always follow: Proceed with caution. 

THC isn’t highly threatening–otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to use it medicinally. However, it has side effects and associated risks. One of the pitfalls is an unpleasant response to overly intense dosages. Start slow and build up to figure out the ideal dosage amount.

Also, temper your dosage based on THC content. Something bordering on 30% THC will only require a small dosage. You might need to beef things up if you’re on a medicinal regime with a lower THC product.

Assuring Quality At Kelly’s Green

At Kelly’s, the products we sell all undergo rigorous, expertly practiced cultivation and extraction processes, ensuring accurate THC testing our patients can trust. 

Moreover, we comply with Mississippi state regulations and testing standards. 

Our driving purpose is to provide you with cannabis you can trust for the therapy and treatments you need. We’re inspired by medicinal users counting on us to help them feel better with safe and reliable cannabis products.

Staying Informed

Your long-term health and well-being demands that you remain informed on all potential ways to feel better. Thus, staying updated on medicinal cannabis product information and lab test results is absolutely crucial if you wish to optimize your outcomes as a patient. 

Remember that medicinal dispensary budtenders receive specific training to provide recommendations for your needs. Their product knowledge is vast, and they’ll steer you toward what works best for you. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions, no matter how in-depth. 

Furthermore, Kelly’s Green is chockful of educational resources to help guide your fruitful, healing, medicinal cannabis journey.


THC isn’t the be-all-end-all of a given cannabis strain and can often distract from the actual impact of a given medicinal product. 

However, THC will always be an integral component that can balance out a given prescription (along with terpenes and other cannabinoids) and help provide the level of therapy you need to feel better.

Kelly’s is dedicated to quality, transparency, and helping you find the right cannabis products and dosages to optimize your quality of life. Explore more of our top-shelf THC-rich medicinal cannabis products, and take your next step toward symptom relief!



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